An example selection of some of the birds you may see at one of our displays

 Tawny Owl - Strix aluco




 The baby of the family, not even a year old. Though fully grown Dex is a lovely bundle of fluffy feathers. Currently on a training line, as those who have seen him in flight will agree, he lacks focus, and is incredibly clumsy!!


 Snowy Owl - Nyctea scandiacus


Bred at the famous International Bird of Prey Centre, Revel, is a delightfully cheeky addition to the team. Made popular by the Harry Potter movies, the snowy owl has become one of the most recognised and beloved owls.


Little Owl - Athene noctua


This girl has more of a hunting spirit than some of the hawks. A fighter through and through, with a playful and energetic character. Which makes her an obsolute delight to be around.


European Eagle Owl - Bubo bubo


Yorkie is the largest of our team, and 'gentle giant' is the most accurate description of her temperament. The complete contrast of Wispa, she is a very laid back girl, with fierce talons, and a massive wingspan.


 Common Buzzard - Buteo buteo


Commonly seen circling high above, it is great to be able to see these in the wild, but up close it is obvious why their scientific name sounds like beauty. With her metre long wingspan, weighing over 2 pounds Bounty flies with grace and is a constant joy to fly, or just even to observe as she sits and plays with her feathers.



Peregrine Falcon Hybrid - Falco peregrinus


One of the most recognised falcons, that we are lucky enough to have as a native species, the Peregrine is the fastest animal on earth and Fox, though only a few months old is shattering speed limits with astonishing aerial acrobatics. However, Fox is no ordinary Peregrine (if there were such a thing) he is a hybrid, mixing the speed of the Peregrine, Size of the Gyr falcon, and the Power of a Saker falcon.


Harris Hawk - Parabuteo unicinctus


One of the most popular birds used in Falconry today, and one of this collection that is not a native bird of this country. Found only America, these birds took the falconry community by storm as they proved themselves to be highly intelligent and very quick learners, this is no different for Rocky, when he is in the air it is obvious he is thinking, and trying to catch me out at every turn so he gets more food!



Harris Hawk - Parabuteo unicinctus




 The same species as 'Rocky', same gender and size, however, Basil is a little older. We prefer to think of Basil as 'mature' to call him grumpy would be to misunderstand him. Rather he likes things his way, and he would prefer to dictate the situation. Not having him for as long as some of the others, its a constant wonder who is training whom.