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Get to know the human element of the bird of prey team.




Mike Hill - Head Trainer/Manager

 FdSc. Animal Management

Falling into bird of prey management entirely by chance, Mike found a leaflet for a beginner's course whilst interviewing for a position as a student at Merristwood Campus, Guildford. Here he completed a 10 week course, and also met his good friend and mentor Marina Harkins. After a successful interview he continued onto study animal management for two years, specialising in Birds of Prey, in his first year he went to complete a work experience placement at a successful experience day site, which provided more close friends and contacts. In his second year, Mike successfully bred his first bird, a young barn owl named Polo. Mike continued his hobby throughout the remaining time at Merristwood, and slowly his collection grew. Soon enough, Mike's collection grew to consist of a falcon, buzzard, and several owls. It was now apparent that he had to make a choice; Find new homes for his collection of birds, and get a job, or continue with his passion, and try to make a living from what he loves.

As you can probably guess, he chose the latter.

"I absolutely love what I do, it is a great deal of work, but what I do and see everyday makes it totally worth it. My great passion is now showing people how rewarding it can be to work with these birds, but also the work and responsibility that goes into caring for these creatures."


Lorna Davies - Trainer/Office


Lorna is a qualified VN (Veterinary Nurse) Very keen on the medical side of falconry. She worked for several years at Kynoch Vets in Hampshire, and now works with Hilltop BoP, assisting in any office work and training birds. She helps with shows, and does a great deal of behind the scenes work. She has also been greatly involved in many rescue cases that have been diverted to us.

"My great ambition for the future now that Hilltop BoP has been set up is to try and work closely with wildlife rehabilitaion groups, and open up and raptor specific 'hospital' on site to help any unfortunate wild birds get back on their feet ... and wings"



 Hayleigh Hill - Apprentice

Nursery Student 


Our newest 'member of staff' quickly making herself at home amongst the birds. Hayleigh enjoys feeding the birds, pointing at them, and watching them fly.